Oops Tulsa time!

I forgot to mention something about Christmas..

We are currently headed to Lynchburg, Tennessee. And no we are not going to hold up the jack Daniels distillery haha we are headed to get a mini Aussie puppy from our friends.. Well we are listening to willies roadhouse on the xm radio.. And the song Tulsa time came on and I was singing along until the chorus and I busted out laughing. Remembering while I was at my mother-in-laws house on Christmas.. We were engulfed in a lengthily prayer.. See my brother-in-law is a preacher.. And he was praying before we opened presents... And I'll admit my mind was wandering and I was thinking about other things.. But abruptly during the silence of prayer I was startled by my cell phone singing "living on Tulsa time" I silenced a bad word that wanted to slip out and I fumbled through my jacket pocket to grab my phone and put it on vibrate... Then I started laughing, laughing that really hard keeping it in laugh where if anyone was looking at you through the window they would think you were convulsing right there on the spot... And the more I tried to stop laughing the more I laughed harder.. Oh man it was bad...  And that's the end of my story :)


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