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We headed off to Lynchburg to get Clint's puppy and we left a little late on Friday, so we went through bad storms most of the way,  we decided to get a hotel in Knoxville and we ate at the Longhorns that was on that exit. we nosed up to the bar because there was a 30 minute wait. The bartender came over and asked us what we would like and we told him jack on the rocks... the guy told us they were out of jack....... I said "what? this is Tennessee how can you be out of Jack"? they guy said they didn't have an extra bottle.. so Then.. I asked about Gentleman's Jack.. and they had that....  While we were there, we met a nice couple at the bar,  we had about a 30 minute wait.  But they owned a wrecker service and had harley's so we chatted with them for a while.  After that we headed back to the hotel and got up bright and early the next day, had a hot continental breakfast and headed off to Lynchburg.
Once we got to Lynchburg, we got Clint's Puppy.. Trigger, who was bred by some friends of ours that we rodeo with..
We hung around with them for a while, then we were going to go into Nashville, to see one of my oldest friends we went to High school together.

So Darren and Clint went off to the horses and I followed Dianne into her puppy house.. and was looking around.. and saw a puppy that was 1/4 of the size of the rest of the litter.. and so I enquired about that puppy and she explained they weren't sure if he was going to make it, because he had hydroencephalitis and if he made it through the next week... he'd be ok...

So I picked him up and started trying to get to know him...
so After I got him and Darren drunk in Nashville, i told clint i was bringing another dog home. he said ok.. probably because he was drunk...

So the next morning, I woke up, and headed to town with Darren to pick up a horse trailer, and I took the little fella with me....   I was real torn about this... I didn't need another dog... and I didn't need a puppy that may or may not live... but, I felt so horrible about him NOT being all pampered and spoiled while he was alive.... anyway.... she gave me the puppy....
Sunday on the ride home

He's been coming to work with me and following me all around the office.. and greeting people.. then he gets tired and goes to sleep under my desk and pulls my jacket down to the floor so he can lay on it while I'm with patients... I explained that if someone doesn't want to see a puppy in the office they could leave...

Tuesday Morning

Here is him on Wednesday at the Office

I've named him Rollo, Rolig means little in Norwegian.. and he's a little rolly polly, so I'm calling Him Rollo!

Yesterday after my clinic hours.. I had some horses to go work on.  So I went down to that barn and worked on a horse... then decided to go to the bar
So, I loaded up into the truck with the puppies and we headed towards Bubba's....
I had taken the puppies with me, so they were not home alone....  I brought them in and told the owner that I was bringing my kids in.. and we all wanted chili dogs and doritos!

Trigger at Bubba's

Rollo and Trigger laying together this morning


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