brief synopsis

so much has been going on it's hard to even know where to begin..
Maggie and I finished 3rd at Worlds... and I can't even describe how proud of my horse I am..
and she's 13 now,  and she's retired, and bred to my stallion... so I'm anxiously awaiting a baby from her...  we ended on a note that not many people in the world end on.. there are a lot of people out there chasing those AQHA trophies.. and I got one my first time going....
I cried like a baby a few times thanking Maggie.. and I was trying to hold back tears as I was getting my award..

and it's hard getting off a horse that i've been with for so long...
I have my new boy Ragnar... but I'll tell you going from an amateur horse to a open horse is a big jump.. I had to grow a pair to ride this horse fast.. and he still makes me think.. OH SHIT I"M GONNA DIE.. but, it's exciting.. and I trust him..

I have been super busy at work.. which is a blessing... and the weather finally broke.. so we are finally able to be out later at night and do some things after work.. and I've been able to ride more.. which is awesome..
Still waiting on Gracie to have her baby.. I bought a book called blessed are the broodmares... it's all about foaling and babies... so I'm anxious to read that book...

This weekend we are going to a regional match in georgia.. then we have a week off.. and then it's Nationals time.. :)
I so do hope I can be competitive on my new horse.. we seem to be getting along great at the slower speed.... I sped him up this week... so I hope I'm man enough for this job.. haha
we shall see this weekend..

and I got 18 americana eggs in the incubator. :)

here are some pictures I have snapped since we've been back from Houston..

Our rig.. I didn't take this pic..

My Trophy

a cool pic of Ragnarok and I

when the cowboy wants cookies... the wifey better make them.. haha

My World Jacket

the Incubator

The sleeve of my world jacket :)


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