Thursday, April 10, 2014


Well, I said not much has been going on.. but,  the local aspca called us and wanted to know if we would rescue 2 donkeys.. and like always.. you show up and there is other stuff involved..
so.. we have 2 donkey's and 1 Henny...

The Donkey's are cute.. one is one of those jesus donkey's and one just looks like the donkey from Juan Valdez Coffee commercials... so I've been calling him Juan.. haha..
they are pitiful looking.. and their feet are horrible..
the Jesus donkey.. whom I might call jesus "hey zeus".. just to stick with the hispanic tone...  is going to stay.. his feet were so bad, my cowboy wasn't sure we'd be able to fix them... so the farrier came out today.. and he said we could do it.. so I called the vet to come cut him... (geld him) and then the farrier is going to cut his feet while he's down for the count..  we tried today but it didn't work...

Here is a picture of Juan..

Before and after of the poor fellas feet

Standing there getting trimmed.

I really like Juan... but him and Jesus are going to hang out with the cows and protect them from coyotes when we have them all healed up and feeling better...

The Jenny now... he has to go... he's lunged at me and the horses as we walk by the corral pen we have him in... that's just not good or safe.. I'm about to try to move him...

I came home and found my name in the Rundown Magazine :)

I was excited to see that...

and then I made up some stuff for dinner.. I put some asparagus in tin foil.. drizzled them with olive oil and squeezed a whole lemon on them... covered them with some garlic and pepper seasoning.. then put them on the grill.... took them off and tosses some goat cheese on top... it was very good..

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