Weekend Not as Planned, Sicilian Couscous Recipe

I went to the store I despise.. Wal-mart.. and I needed to get some dumbbell weights..   and I was trying to take the path of least resistance though that stupid store.. and there was some people blocking the main aisle, so I ducked down another..  my whole objective when I go into wal-mart is get in, get what I need.. and get the hell out....  and I turned the corner to find this display of something called a Yonana... well it stopped me dead in my tracks and my brain started turning thinking bout the little stickers that are on my bananas recently... so I stopped to gander.. and decided I was taking to long.. and my first instinct was to buy it.. so I grabbed it and headed back to the door.. Took that joker home.. and froze a banana...
Then realized I should have peeled the banana before I froze it.... ..  But, I got it peeled....
and put it through this machine.. and out came banana goodness.....   holy crap it's like home made frozen yogurt.....  I like it a lot...


The little "yeller" Flowers

Rollo in the Airport
This past weekend, Rollo and I were supposed to meet My Cowboy in Pennsylvania...  My dad dropped Rollo and I off at the airport..  to catch our 6:48 flight to DC, then we had a 10:08 connecting flight to State College, PA.   I get a little notice on my phone that the plane was 10 minutes delayed.. I'm like no problem.. then all of a sudden I hear them announce that the plane is 3 hours late now...  So I got up to the ticket counter.. and wait in line with the rest of the people... this poor fella spend about 45 minutes with me trying to figure out how to get me to Pennsylvania...  to find out that the 3 hour delayed plane was then canceled.. I have no idea why... so I got a full refund and called my father to come pick me back up...
I was so disappointed in this little adventure.. or lack there of adventure... I called my cowboy and explained what had happened to him and that was that.. It was too late for me to drive up there because it is a 12 hour drive.. so, I just went back to the kennel picked up Zeus and Maya and we all went home...


fruit and fromage Saturday Lunch 

Kicked back relaxing on the front porch after a long sunday

More Rollo

Lamb, Couscous and garlic bread.

Satuday, I managed to put up new closet doors in the bedroom... with a lot of help from my dad... the closet doors fell on me for the last time Saturday...   then I bought a cherry tree, 2 gala apple trees and a bunch of azalea bushes.. and some little white picket fencing..
I was going to get that all done on Saturday but,  I had a little horse emergency...  Pokey, My dad's horse, got caught up in some barbed wire... apparently there was some knock down drag out fight between the stallion and diego (2 separate pastures) and they tore down the fence, and also they tore down the corral panels in the catch pen... well back to pokey... he cut up his legs real bad in the barbed wire, so I called the vet out, and while we were waiting for him, I went to check the fences.. and found out where the fight was... and found Maggie and Paula on the other side of the fence with the brood mares... I was shocked the girls took her in so quick...  but, I'm happy she's out there...  I guess she's really taking the broodmare thing I told her to heart.. haha...
The vet came and told us it wasn't as bad as it looked...  and gave me some antibiotics to give him.. so I've been cleaning and applying wound stuff to him.. he's walking pretty good today.. but, he said it was going to take a little while for it to get to feeling better...

So, then I went to my parents house and cooked my Mom some Lamb... it's one of her favorites.. and she's not been feeling so well lately.. so I went over there and did that  :)

I made a new concoction out of Couscous...

Sicilian Couscous:

10 ounces Couscous
15 ounce can artichoke hearts, chopped
1 cup slivered almonds
1 cup sun dried tomatoes
1 cup fresh grated locatelli cheese
1/4 cup Italian salad dressing of choice
Salt and pepper to taste
1. Cook couscous. Toss to fluff and chill until cooled.
2. Add rest of ingredients, stirring to combine 

Then Made chocolate chip cookies and dad made a cheese danish.. haha.. we were living high on the hog that night :)

Then Sunday, I got up went to church with my dad, and then came back home and took to digging holes... planted all the trees and all but two of the azaleas... I couldn't get the holes dug.. the ground was so darn hard..  I had to get help with those.. hah

The front Yard :)


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