Myrtle Beach Time again

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It's that time again for the annual fancy doctor convention and I am here... this show starts bright and early tomorrow at 8AM.
I paid the extra and upgraded to the ocean front suite :)
I know.. I know.. big spender.. haha

I roll up to the guard gate of this place after driving 3 and a half miles... and the guard stops me and says.. "wow nice ride" and gives me the thumbs up... I smile and say "thanks" and then he says.. "oh the color.. its not just red.. it's bright and really pops........... it's so red.. I can't think of the color"  I'm mentally rolling my eyes.. and I said.. "it's Rally Red, and there is no other color for a Vette"  He agreed and told me to enjoy my stay and live life to the fullest and some other stuff that was a blur as I threw that joker in 1st and about peeled out..
I got checked in and the bell boy brought my Luggage up to my room, and I did a quick change and drove down to Murells Inlet or something.. and met my sister-in-law for dinner, it just so happens that she is staying in surf side beach..   I had some of the best Shrimp and Grits I have ever had.. but, something more important than shrimp and grits popped out at me....  it was entitled "murells inlet wedding cake"... but that is not what caught my eye... it was the holy word.. Moonpie.....  it was shining in-between all the desert words scrambled on the page.. then come to find out.. it was moon pie heated up with vanilla ice cream on it.. drizzled with chocolate sauce.......................  I think.... I made an executive decision.. that I needed to compare that to a fried moon pie, which was up there with the moon pie ice cream... but was still #1 on my list....... and so I ordered it...... and the lady brought it out and wow.....
It surpassed the fried moon pie on my palate... all I needed was an RC cola float and I would have been in redneck heaven...
but this all happened... right before, the guy in the band said "TARA" real loud and then pointed at me.. and I was all deer in headlights.. and he said "it's your birthday" then It dawned on me.. I told the waitress it was my birthday... I've been known to do that from time to time.. more like most of the time when we go out somewhere.. I sure do love a free desert... just makes the spending 19.95 on shrimp and grits feel that much better...
Well, he called me up on stage.. and they sang happy birthday to me... I was smiling and grinning like a goat in a briar patch all appreciative and crap...
Then we walked on the board walk for a bit.. then I drove back up to North Myrtle where I'm staying...

So, that's about all around here..
Rollo is acting more like his self.. and his eye isn't swollen and he looks normal again..
he still kind of wants to turn to the left more than the right and does the left circle thing every now and then.. but, he's hitting 99% of his cylinders..

We had new windows put in the house...  you know our windows were only from 1940something...
they were getting wavy and crap.. so, after getting our 800+ dollar electric bill during the winter.. we decided something had to give.. and it was the windows.... you can't even hear the  rooster crow in the morning.. it cuts out all outside noise and i got a big ole picture window in my dining room :)

Oh! one more thing this is important... I got this picture in the mail the other day!
It's my AQHA world professional photograph...  The guy said no replication of it.. but, seriously.. I just paid him 120 bucks for 3 pictures... I think I own the darn thing...  I'm proud of this crap too... :)
SO there is Moi, the beautiful Maggie Mae... and My Handsome Cowboy :)
look at the cheesin' grin I got on my face.... 

Gracie's baby sleeping..... He's a hot mess!


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