Monday, July 28, 2014


We set off to Alabama on Friday, and I'm not going to lie, I really didn't want to go.. I was disheartened by my horses new gate issues.
After about 20 minutes of debating to bring him or not. I put him on the trailer..
So Nutter Butter, Ragnar and Tattoo were the tree amigos on their way to Alabama..
we get there around 8 their time got all unloaded and set up.
The next day, I take Nutter butter out and start warming him up in the big arena and he starts crow hoping on me.. and I'm thinking to myself great.. I'm going to have nutter instead of butter today..
well, after the first stage.. I was so pleased with that horse I could have just spit... and after the first day, I had only missed 2 balloons and was sitting in Ladies Reserve... So, that brings me to the fun shoot that they had after the match.. it was a 3 stage for points match.. and I ran Ragnar....
I cleared the whole alleyway out and told people what my horse had been doing.. and don't you know he hung his head and walked into the arena like he never took a bad step in his life...
I was so happy I about teared up.. but, he was a jerk during the course management... but that was my fault because I had not ridden him all week, due to the ulcer situation.. but, it was ulcers that was his problem...  it felt so good to have my horse back...
but, I also see that he is not as far along as nutter butter in the horsemanship department...
So,  Sunday.. I really wasn't paying attention to where I was in the standing.. until the last stage.. when I looked at the results so far and found out that I was in Ladies Overall...
Nutter Butter and Me after awards
I was shocked and stunned.. thinking that was totally wrong.. and nope I double and triple checked and by god I was in Overall... So the last stage.. I go in there all cautious as to make sure I busted all my balloons.. and I go through the first five a little choppy but got them all, rounded the run down barrel.. and I hear on the loud speaker.. "TARA THE TIMER ISN"T WORKING"  oh crap.. I put my gun up and just coasted down to the end.. and walked right out of the arena.. and loaded my guns back..
Now.. usually when you get a re-ride.. you mess everything up all the hell and back..
but, Nutter butter went back in there and was gaining speed and I guess he was telling me "mama we got this" because he flew through there smooth as Tennessee whiskey and we crossed the timer.. and I looked back to see a clean course.. and that's when it dawned on me that Nutter Butter and I just Won Ladies Overall... now, This was the first Ladies overall I have ever taken... and the first time I have ever shot off of Nutter Butter...
I'm excited :) I think he's going to turn out to be an awesome horse...  I've got some big decisions to make, 1 being who will be my main match horse at Easterns and who will go to Worlds.... I'll worry about that in September.. but for now.. I have two great horses with some big potential :)

On the way home, we stopped in Chattanooga and I figured while I was in Chattanooga to partake in the local food... :)  It was a Alabama State Champion Snack!

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