Maiden voyage

I got out of work as quick as I could and off I went to the ranch to get on my harley.. I got home and my dad was there on his bike.. I changed my clothes as quick as I could and grabbed my helmet and off we went.. I got a small lecture from my cowboy and off I went.. Drove to Molly's rock again.. Then did some slow work with the bike and decided to go down to the next major road and then when I got to the crossroads I made a right and headed towards town.. We crossed over the interstate and I took a shortcut back up to another road and made a huge loop back to the house.. 
It was great.. The bike handles like a well trained horse and it's smooth.. I feel real comfortable on it.. 
My favorite part was smelling the fresh cut grass.. 

I'm addicted :)
Then that night I was dreaming I was riding and I got a cramp in my calf hahah woke me up from a dead sleep.. 
I'm in Alabama right now.. With nutter butter as my trusty steed for the weekend.. I have Ragnar here but it's because he's io medicine for a month to get rid of these damned ulcers.. 


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