Horse crazy..

I'm about horse crazy... iffin y'all didn't realize that yet..
but, yesterday morning, my cowboy told me we were going to a thoroughbred training facility to check some stuff out....
So we drove on down to the lower part of the state.. and pull into this place.. and top the hill to which I saw something that makes my heart flutter.... a race track.... *yeeeee* is what I was doing on the inside but I think I had eyes wide open and a grin....
they were breezing a few.. and when we got up to the barn they were washing one that was headed out to race this weekend.. and my GOD was he gorgeous...
so, we get on a gator and go riding through these pastures and we get to this 4 year old with a bowed tendon in her leg... and she's big and pretty... and for sale...  so he took us to see her mama and then walked us over to this other barn that has the active racing horses in it.. and showed us this 3 year old. lil girl is her name... and she is super sweet and loving.. and on stall rest for 3 months..  last weekend she was at a race and another horse ran into her and hit her knee and chipped the bone... and her racing career is over as well.  she won 300k on the track so far...
The fella asked us which ones we wanted and I said.. BOTH!  so :)) we are going Friday afternoon when they get back from the race to pick them up :)
that's the big news.... I am getting not one.. but two thoroughbreds :)  I signed up immediately for the jockey club...  it's been soooooooooo long since I've been around OTTBs... oh man I love them.. their hotness snorting and lunging.. ah! Brings back memories when I wasn't scared to fall from a 17-18hh horse.. haha..
So, since the SC state championships... we have been no where.. Thank God for that.. last weekend, we got all the grass cut, fields almost done being bush-hogged.  I went to pick up 2 horses we had at the trainers and get my big red horse Ragamuffin... but, when I showed up I heard he was not being a very good boy so I left him for another week...  I did pick up two mares that we had bought in Texas at the sale... one is red and the other is a buckskin dun..  the buckskin dun is a nice older horse I think she's 14. But, rides and has been a broodmare but was in a reining futurity...  a little girl I know named her Isabella.. which I thought was a great name.. so that is what she is being called..
and the other horse is a red horse lil spooky lena is her registered name...  I've ridden her... and finally came the the conclusion her name is Heidi... lol... she just strikes me as a Heidi.. frolicking through green fields la, la,la.... I like her a lot.. she's going to be jam up I think.. and I'm going to get her going shooting and all... well she shoots she's just gotta get finished.. and I'll do that... I'm almost done with Nutter Butter. Speaking of him.. he had himself an english saddle on.. and was learning to yield to leg pressure and do some basic basic dressage stuff... and he did great :)
that is all that is new around here...  I'll leave y'all with a picture montage of this past weeks adventures..  which mainly involve horses, food and motorcycles haha..

Hers and His

baby rat snake I caught yesterday

Taco Salad

Nutter Butter waiting for me to open the gate

Nutter Butter in the English saddle

Jay bird eating breakfast

Beautiful sunset the other night


My Sweet Lil Rollo


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