Not much

Well,  Yesterday it was so hot, we went on a bike ride to wait for it to cool off and then I got on my horse..  we are off for Clemson this weekend.. and then thankfully next weekend we have a weekend off !!!!!!!!
I'm really stoked about that..
I'm interested to see how this weekend is going to go..  I'm riding Nutter butter and Ragnarok..  there are two competitions on Saturday and one on Sunday.. I figure the horse that did the best on Saturday will be who I ride on Sunday..
but, other than that.. I have been doing this Visual Athletic Performance Enhancement biofeedback thing with this Sports Eyedoctor..
it's actually pretty neat...
the first time I had it done was last week.. and I felt like I was focusing on things more and stuff looked just a little bit more clear... then this time after having it done I feel like the field of vision i have outside my center of gaze is more extensive then it was before.. so I'm curious how much more focused I can be and if my hand eye coordination has improved....
Well.. I need to get started here at the office...


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