Our Yearly Board retreat was in Savannah this year.. and I sure was glad it was... I love Savannah and I have ever since I was a chap.
I have great memories of Savannah and Tybee Island..
We showed up to the retreat and were in a Fancy smancy ritzy place, and it was nice..
Arrgh, yo ho ho and a bottle of whisky?!!?
the new president of our association kept things going real fast and we got finished with the meeting in 1 day.. compared to the 3 day marathon last time in Charleston.
We ate and drank and went to a Piano bar.... pretended we were Pirates.. and took over Savannah...
Saturday morning about 11. I had a team building exercise to do...
and boy oh boy was it a competition..
we were on something called a "slow ride"
and you peddled yourself around savannah on a big trolly thing while bar hoping.. and hearing stories about Savannah's history..
It was great.
I also got nominated to get involved with trying to reach out to veterans and soldiers in some shape or fashion.. so I need to work on that..
As well as another committee about paring older and wanting to retire doctors with new and upcoming docs to eventually buy out practices etc. Those are both good causes.. I think..
But, That's about it..
Night Ride
Business as usual here at the ranch.. we have a huge 3 match competition coming up this weekend in Clemson, and then a weekend home.. THANK GOD.. I'm so sick of competing and going places it aint even funny...

Last night, I got brave and decided I was going to ride the motorcycle at night, So When I got home from work, I found Clint in the Arena dragging it and I explained I wanted Oysters.. so, we got on the bikes and rode downtown ate oysters and then drove back home..
Holy crap.. it was dark and that little light isn't as bright and doesn't shine as far as a car light.. I was also a bit puckered up waiting for a deer to run out and take my life.. haha..
but, all was well :)
Checking the Cows


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