Well, Not much happened.. it was hotter than hades in Tennessee, and we didn't get an RV spot.. so we were out of the nice luxury of having ac....  I was sweating worse than mike tyson in a spelling bee... and the horses were soaking with sweat.. it was just a crappy time..
Usually it's light jacket weather up there by now.. but. they were having the second week of august weather...  :/

Tennessee was beautiful as always :)

Tennessee Sunset

Tuckered out Nutter Butter Sleeping in his stall
I had a great first day of competition on Ragnar and Nutter Butter... I was happy with both of those guys.. then the second day of competition.. Ragnar took my breath away.. and Nutter butter made me say things to him that would have made a sailor blush... and the 3rd day... Ragnar was amazing and Nutter Butter wanted me to kick his rib cage in for not turning and about running me into the wall..
but, that's alright.. he's a baby.. and I think he was tired.. and that was the biggest arena he had EVER been in... so.. I forgive him and I know he needs work.. poor little fella...
Ragnar and I finished 5th and Nutter Butter and I finished 9th.. and I have to admit I did a lot better than I thought I was going to...   so mission accomplished both ponies are qualified for AQHA worlds :)

Nutter Butter and I walking into the Arena

Ragnar and I about to enter the arena

Look at the smile on my face... :) I <3 Ragnar

I looked at the professional pictures of me this weekend, and wound up buying a dvd of all my pics... so I look forward to getting that :)

Banana Nut Bread
We came home Saturday night after the competition was over.. and got back rather late.... so Sunday, we both slept in and when we got up, we went to go pick up the puppies and get some breakfast.. which we wound up having mexican for breakfast.. seriously we had huevos rancheros.. haha.. It was pretty good... but, we got home and we were going to ride.. but, the rain came in.. so I got all the Laundry done... and made banana nut bread and yogurt.
Now to shake things up with the banana nut bread, I decided to use olive oil instead of corn/vegetable oil (I won't use that crap anymore) and only half a cup of sugar instead of a whole cup of sugar.. and I will tell you the texture is not dense like usual loaf breads like that.. it is alight and airy texture... and not too sweet, you can really taste the banana in it...

Now the yogurt, I don't know how it is yet, because I didn't taste it yet.  I fell asleep last night and didn't put it in the fridge after I cultured it.. so it was warm when I got up.. 
I'll try it tomorrow morning.. and instead of the yogurt taking 8 hrs to set up.. it took more like 13... I fell asleep waiting for it to set up.. so... maybe it really took 15 hours.. haha..
boiling the Milk
That is about all for now.. it's much cooler today like in the high 70s but I don't think this beautiful fall weather is going to last... but I have my fingers crossed!


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