daytona beach and pumpkin beer

this past weekend I went to Atlanta to go to a  seminar.  And my cowboy went to Daytona Beach with some Marine Corps Buddies and they met up with my father and cousin while they were down there..
Now, I went for a seminar, and on the way back Saturday night, I decided to stop by the whole foods market and I loaded up on two important things in life.. cheese and beer.. hahaha.. I really went there for cheese and to see what was new and healthy.. then I found this little sign that said "pumpkin patch" and over it was all sorts of pumpkin flavored beer.. so instead of deciding which one to try... I just filled the cart up with one of each.. :)

Then after that adventure.. I tasted one of each.. and put them in order from my favorite on the left to least favorite on the right..

now before you go thinking I'm a drunk.. haha... I did have help, my brother and friends were there to help me along... :)

the next morning we experimented with pancakes..

That's right.. that is a pancake with a piece of bacon in it....
then my brother brainstormed and decided that we needed to make a sandwich.....
which we did....

I think my arteries clogged a little that morning... but, none-the-less it was worth it.. hahahah

we smothered that bad boy with syrup and that was that..  :)

Here is a picture from Daytona..

Tonight, we are off to Parris Island to watch a friend of ours graduate. I say friend, she is the closest thing to a daughter I'll ever have.  her mom is a druggie in and out of prison and poor girl doesn't even know who her father is.. and she competes with us.. and we kinda took up with her.. and she wanted to go into the military and we are a Marine family so, she went into the Marines and is graduating with the highest honors...   I can't wait to see her.. I am so proud of her..

there will be a pig pickin' tomorrow  :)  and you know how that will go!!


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