Lunar Eclipse and the Highway

My Father's friend took this picture
So, We got up early to walk out to the pasture and watch the Lunar Eclipse...
It was pretty short of amazing :)
I love eclipses and astronomy, hell I'll even go as far as to say I enjoy Astrophysics hah..

Today, Clint wanted to get a new windshield for his motorcycle.  so I had to get fuel.. and the highway was right there..

So he asked me if I wanted to get on the highway (Which I had never been on, in the motorcycle before) or go the back roads, which were about 8 miles away.... I was thinking.. and it really wasn't that cold with all the leather on.. so I said... we can try it... so off we went.. and I had a moment.. which reminded me of a scene from the movie Clueless. yeah that was me.. screaming in my head real loud "I'm gonna die.. I'm gonna die.."  then I got up to about 80 and I was like.. oh... wait.. this ain't so bad.... hell yeah...
So then we get to the Harley dealership and I get off my bike, and I pulled my helmet off and I said.. "yeah.. that's right.. I'm a bad ass"  hahaha... it was awesome..  so on the way home, I lead us home, but did switch over to the back road, and I'm glad I did, because the trees are slightly turning and I was excited to drive through leaves and smell them...  So, that was my eventful morning... I'm here at work.. still kinda wishing I was riding... :)
I did manage to buy a sound system for my bike.. I can't wait!


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