Marine Corps and Motorcycle filled weekend

Thursday night we headed down to Beaufort to stay at a Marine buddies house, and bright and early Friday we headed over to watch Bekah graduate as the series honor graduate :)

Then we had a pig picking' Friday night, after we rode the motorcycles all around beaufort... which I became real comfortable on that bike after some of the crap we drove through hahaha.

We hung out in beaufort most of Saturday and I drove us back home, then Sunday morning we got up and met up with a couple of people. then we rode the bikes up a few exits and met up with a few more and a whole group of about 8 of us, headed up towards Lake Lure.  I had never been there.. but, let me tell you what... nobody puts baby in the corner... haha.. that is where dirty dancing was filmed and it was absolutely fabulous...  

I was sitting on a bench and i slid over and I got a splinter in my ass.. well not ass but, in my upper thigh.. so I got hobbling over to the bathroom with clint and I told him he needed to pull a splinter out of my ass.. hahah
so I'm in the mirror and I am looking at this thing... and i'm like.. dang.. that's a thick splinter.. so i try to pull it.. and it was stuck.. so i pulled it even harder.. and pulled out like a 2" splinter.... haha
after that we headed up into the mountains on the bikes, and it was so pretty... orange and yellows and reds all over the trees.. it was truly a beautiful day...
we did about 300 miles on the bikes...


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