dress shopping

I was supposed to be up and about, pressed and dressed at 8 am...  but my friend called me about 7 and told me there was snow on the ground.... I didn't believe her.. this is South Carolina.. and Only November 1st... So... she was right.. but, I told her not to be a puss I have a 4 wheel drive :) then I get to driving and sure enough.. it snowed!  it was actually sleeting the whole drive down to Columbia...

Once we made it to Columbia we went into this store, that I have no idea what the name of it was.. but, all I can say is Holy Smokes Batman......  They had prom dresses and fancy pants stuff in there...
We really didn't see much that we liked.. but, I had to try on a few..... once you see the pictures you will completely know why I couldn't miss out on this deal....

Yeah.... so, It was a hard decision but I didn't buy either one of those dresses....  hahah
we left there and went to David's Bridal....  where I took a dress off of a model.. and got in trouble.. and I explained to the lady that I didn't need her help now, since she was rude when we came in the store....  but I wound up buying a dress there.. 
Then we went to Dillards.. and I tried on this dress I fell in love with.. took it up to the counter.. and the lady told me my total was 421.08 and would I like to put that on my charge account?  After my heard started beating again.. I asked her if I was in bloomindales.. and she assured me this was Dillards.. . and I walked away real slowly after telling her my Wedding Dress didn't even cost that much.. holy smokes!!!!!

but, that is about it on this end..  :) Marine Corps Ball this weekend :)


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