Icy Cool hand of Winter is upon South Carolina

The one and only day it was about 55 was last weekend... I rode our Stallion Cocaine...   Worked him in the arena and then went and checked to see if Maggie had her baby..
she's fatter than a tick..  She will have a January baby... but, I can't help but keep checking on her..

I absolutely love my stallion...  he and Ragnar are my trusty steeds for the next years competition.

It has been raining here... and it's dreary and wet..
My poor Ragnar will get rain rot if I don't put a Rain sheet on him...  and I put Cocaine in the paddock with him.. so I had to sheet Cocaine :)  I don't believe in blanketing your horses in this climate down here.. but, I'm not apposed to put a rain sheet on the poor guys.. :)

and i've been having a great time with my elf on a shelf, Floki hahah 

and Rollo :)

The weather is freezing here... and I haven't been doing much of anything..  but this Friday I have my office christmas party and then Saturday we are going to a redneck ugly sweater christmas party in Beaufort :)


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