Red-neck Christmas party

Friday night, we had our office party here at a bed-n-breakfast joint a few towns over.. it was awesome.. its a french place, and the people that bought it are from France...
and yes, I had Escargot.. in a bleu cheese reduction sauce... holy crap batman... that was great :)
so, the next day, we boogied on down to Beaufort for the redneck christmas party..
we had a great time...  played some really bad games haha.. and there were some appetizers there I can't even explain to you.. but, they involved stand up weenies and spam with some red wine reduction sauce.. hahaha
Our ugly sweaters... I was laughing so hard in this picture i'm hunched over hahah

The desert I made for the Party.... yes those are twinkies :)

The next day, we went and looked at a few pieces of property.. and then our friend decided that we should just leave our motorhome on their property.. I was so excited..  we are bringing it down New years eve..they are having a big bash..  I love my Marine Corps family..

lets see... I have been looking the the grocery stores for Almond butter.. and I Haven't been able to find the stuff.. so I decided to try making my own.. and it came out pretty damn good..  I don't think I will ever buy Peanut butter again.. it's amazing.. and SUPER simple to make you own. and then you will know exactly what you are putting into it and ingesting.. you never know about the food you eat any more...
Almond Butter

that is about all that is going on here..   I will catch you up on my mischievous elf and his tricks...
(I'm running low on ideas.. 9 more days)

Trying to burn our tree down 
Came back and found him trying to rent naughty movies

Walter white elf haha

Graphiti on my bananas! 
I wonder what he's trying to tell me

Trying to make a fast get-a-way


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