Christmas Catch up

I worked Christmas Eve, then was running around like a chicken with my head cut off..
Christmas day was rushed, as usual..  I'm completely turning into a scrooge.. I love Christmas Trees and decorating and all that, but, I hate Christmas Day.. haha..
After we had Christmas dinner at my mother-in-laws house and did the present presentation.. we headed down to Florida where my parents were.. we got down there about 2:30-45ish... finally made it to sleep then, the next day we got up and went boat shopping.. we looked at boats and more boats and all kinds of boats from Crystal River all the way down to damn near Tampa.... and circled back around to the first place we started out... and signed up to take this red chaparral boat on a sea trial the next day...
Florida, has more than just floridiots.... it has great seafood and Italian food :) and Italian pastries... which i partook in all of the above while I was down there.. :)
bright and early the next morning we got up and got to the Marina and took out the boat... we decided we really liked it, and bought it..  :)
Sunday Morning, Clint, my father and I went down to a boat ramp and took off into the channel.. we must have went out like 10 was great..
we even saw a dolphin swimming near the boat... it was just a great day..

Maya was enjoying herself

Out in the ocean, no land in site

We rode around most of the morning into the afternoon, then we motored up to a dock side restaurant and had some more seafood :)  then headed back in..

Monday we headed back for South Carolina..

Tuesday was a horrible day... I woke up and found a horse in the hot walker next to my stallion....   I said surely those retards that live in back didn't put a mare to taunt my boy....
alas, they did... I flipped T-Totally out on the retard #1... then his stupid girlfriend...
they said they forgot I had a stallion and they were sorry.....

Wow... people just are special....

so, anyways.. Wednesday, we headed to beaufort to take the motorhome down there and set it all up... and celebrated New Years with very good friends.. 

other than that, we are still awaiting a Maggie baby....
and we are living in  a mud hole.. haha

How I found Maggie this morning, thought she was in labor lol

Nutter Butter covered in Mud

Cocaine and Ragnar.. thought bubble "we are sick of the mud"


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  2. WOW! Cocaine is such a good name for a horse <3


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