So.... I was called about a modeling thing... haha

Hell bitch and I together for the second time ever.. haha
Thursday, While we were at the moose lodge.. I get a phone call.. wanting me to come sit for a photoshoot for a horse magazine...   I was trying not to get excited.. but, I was pretty damn excited..

I don't have all the pictures.. but, I did get my hands on some.. and they should debut in a Spring edition.. which i'll post it when It comes out.. he wasn't sure if I'd be the centerfold or just in there...

Saturday I get up and get going to Charlotte, and Yeah that's North Carolina, but, it's not that far from us.. So we get up there.. and he wanted pictures of me on horses too!!  So Hell Bitch will have her debut before I even shoot off of her hahah..

Here are some of the pictures :

And just for the record.. I froze my lily white butt off taking these action shots...
They are going to come on down after some of the babies are born and take pictures around there.. and the photographer wanted me to do some other stuff for him...he said take me out of the cowgirl world and dress me up.. I said.. hell yeah I'm down for that..
I will tell you I had a great time posing and looking all serious and mean haha..

That's about it over here.... it's been raining forever.. and my front yard is a small pond... the chickens might be learning how to swim soon.. and mud is up to my ankles...  No babies yet.. and I'm waiting on the sun to come out :)


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