Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness..

we have had our share of darkness around the ranch the past month...
I have been quite for a while... I've been a introvert lately.. and I haven't wanted to write much on this until I was over it... I was emotional for a few weeks
there has been quite a lot going on around here.
I'll start off with the worst thing that has happened since we were in Texas..
Clint fell off his horse, in Unadilla, GA at our regional competition..
and when I say fall off... I mean he catapulted into the fence...
he lost his stirrup and was leaning to the left.. and the horse turned right.. and he came flying off and knocked out unconscious... and I was sitting on Hell bitch.. whom I recently renamed Lucy..
but, he hit the fence right in front of me... and I remember thinking "oh shit that hurt" then I waited for him to get up.. and He didn't..and I ran Lucy into the arena and saw him lying there unconscious...
I dove onto the ground and stabilized his neck and started trying to talk to him, but he wasn't responding so I slapped him and he started to make that guttural  I just got the wind knocked out of me sound.. and a ems guy showed up and everything went really quick from there... the ambulance got there.. and they made me ride in the front with the fire chief whom had never driven this said ambulance before.. he didn't know where any of the lights or siren buttons were.... and that became my job..   We had a 30 mile drive to Macon Georgia trauma hospital.. which was also a teaching facility..

and it all came down to, he spent about 5 days in the hospital.. he has a fractures collar bone, 3 broken transverse processes, 2 broken ribs and he collapsed his left lung..
He is home and recovering.

I did manage to get a seatbelt ticket on my way to visit him in Macon, GA

Officer jerkface explained to me that the "shoulder harness" was called a shoulder harness because it should go over my shoulder not under my arm...  I gave him some choice words in Italian and decided to speed off...

What else weird has happened...
I found a baby mouse in the house that the cat drug in... it was squealing and going nuts, so I flushed it down the toilet..  then the next morning I woke up because Rollo was watching a tree frog bounce through the house, I got him off the wall and put him back outside...
Not to forget the next day, I was chopping up asparagus and a crow flew into the house..
yes a crow came through the doggie door....

I figured no-one would believe that so I took a pic of him.. hah..
And the next day, my cat came back with a bunny... a little bunny about 5-7 days old.. I tried to save the little fella, but they have 90% chance of survival after getting attacked by a pet cat...
I did have a talk with my cat and told her that I loved her.. and her bringing me random animals was not going to make me love her more... end of story...

Knock on wood I have not had anything else show up..
Clint has been spending a lot of time inside.. and I've been riding a lot of horses.. until It started raining all last week.. 
I did manage to get Bebe out.. and ride her.. and found out she rounds up real nice..

My posture sicks in that pic.. but, she was doing a nice little trot... :)

Then I got charly up and feeling better after the coyote incident..
she broke bad on me... and Heidi.. was awesome...
so, I'm working on all those horses, plus riding nutter butter and tattoo :)

I'm super excited about Lucy though....  She's going to be something special.. and I can't wait to compete with her this year..


that's about it.. I'm doing really well in my breeding class... and keeping positive... everything will look up from here.. I'm glad my cowboy is almost back to himself and making small steps.. like today he got his boots on.. and Sunday he got jeans on :D

That's about it around here....  maybe my next post will be all happy and my unicorns will shit rainbows again..


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