T Minus 2 days until my flight leaves!!!

I have been scurrying around trying to get everything taken care of before we leave for Italy..
I also got the ok that I was Qualified to run for coroner at the next election..  I'm pretty darn stoked about that...

I also got a wild hair up my butt to try on my wedding dress....

It totally still fits :)  and this all came about because I was doing an autopsy last week and it was a female that was my age... open her up and she had like 4" of adipose tissue before we even got to her viscera.. and I was thinking man.. I can't let myself get like that... then get to her ovaries and find out she had ovarian and uterine cancer and had cirrhosis of her liver already.... So I'm thinking man.. she must have partied non-stop...  then I was completely thinking her lungs were going to be wrecked.. and they weren't, so at least she didn't smoke.... but, she ultimately died of a pulmonary embolism...
So, that being said...  I have been back on a health kick.. I wasn't really off of it.. but, ever since clint got hurt, I haven't been exercising... and its been over 105 degrees everyday.. so I haven't been outside doing normal stuff like I usually am...  and when I'm gone for two weeks, I need to make sure I walk a lot and do some yoga in the mornings...

Next sad thing...  Poor Juan passed away..
I'm not sure how old he was when we rescued him but, he has crossed over the rainbow bridge.. Poor Fella...  I said, at least he enjoyed the last few years of his life..

and I got my barn finished finally.. well it's like 99% done..
Set up the Theraplate so I can rehab some ponies.. and all that is left to be done, is put up the feed buckets and hay racks.. then move in to the tack room :)

And that is about all..
I have two very busy days at work.. and then I'm off like a prom dress to Italy!


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