Monday, March 14, 2016

Somethings only happen in Alabama O.o

We headed on down to Alabama this weekend, on our way to Houston.  We had a great time..
My Stallion ran so hard.. he was asleep laying down in his stall by the time I made it back out there to feed him.  I was really tired.  I was running two horses on 4 stages.. and It was a TON of work..
But, I'm confident in both of my horses that they will do great..and as long as I am focused everything will be lovely :)
Seriously though,  I went to Cocaines stall and found him laying down...  I opened the stall door walked in with him and kneeled by him and started petting him..  I told him he has been doing really great and he was a good boy.. and that I had his dinner all fixed up for him... and he had to get up.. so I walked back out of his stall.... and the joker was just looking at me.. so I put his food down next to him.. and he just started eating it.. haha... He's got such a great personality... I love him so much :)


Here is a video of us :)

So also while In alabama.... Some people were pretty tore up on idiot oil... so much so, that they started taking their clothes off... because he was hot sitting next to the fire... and he was wearing long johns... So Clint asks the fella.. "when you looked at the weather forecast before you got dressed and saw that it was going to be a high of 75 today, at what point did you decide to put long johns on?"  the guy said he liked long johns and he liked wearing them around the house..  hahahahah  You can't make this stuff up...

Got a busy little week before I hop on a jetplane and head to Texas :)
But updates to follow!

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Pre-gaming for Worlds

So, My stallion has grown up.. I am so proud of him.. 
last weekend we were in Unadilla Georgia at a competition and he was just as smooth as tennessee whisky..  I had a wonderful time riding him..  He is also who is going to Worlds with me next week.  Him and Cain..

This is something to chew on...
I was standing out there in the warm up arena with my stallion and  we were waiting for our turn to go.. I was just telling someone how I missed maggie, because I knew no matter what happened.. she had my back..  tack breaks, maggie would stop.. she felt me off, maggie would keep me on top....  you get the point...
They call my name, Cocaine and I enter the arena....  We take off.... I had a beautiful first 5, and go to turn a barrel to head to the rundown barrel and he braced against me... I was thinking.. wtf to my head... and I figured out what he was doing...... The bit flipped over in his mouth on one side.. how does this happen you ask?  I didn't tie the bit back together at the end of the shanks.. and it's a myler style port bit...   I had grabbed the wrong headstall when we were leaving the house, and the one I grabbed had a bit on it that was bent, so I untied the joker to get the shank bent back.. and never tied it back... so me riding with loose reins.... the bit flipped and I had no power steering.... so I sat back, and finished a wide turn with my legs.. and just kind of stopped riding... Cocaine picking up on my thinking 50 ways I'm going to break something in this situation thoughts running through my head..... just stopped in the middle of the arena.... I leaned over and started just petting him and telling him he was amazing... I flipped the bit back over and walked out of the arena......   I haven't profusely professed my love for a horse without a little liquid intoxication like that in a long time....  that horse took care of me... I was a proud proud mama at that moment.. He's got my back.... that is for sure...  Maggie, had my back and the two of them are in love...  maybe she told him to take care of me..
I had a disagreement with a horse wednesday and we both ended up on the ground... I put him out with Maggie and she beat the crap out of  him.. :) she's a bruiser hahah

Well, We are headed to alabama this weekend to tune ourselves up for Worlds. My cowboy is going to stay in Alabama, then Monday head to Lake Charles, LA and then to Houston by Wednesday, I am flying out on Thursday.. we are competing Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
That's about all for now...

Thursday, February 18, 2016

The rose and the thorn, and sorrow and gladness are all linked together.

I know it has been a while.. and Ever since we came back from Italy it has been a Shit storm to say the least...
I got busy trying to get my books back in order at my office... Can't trust people..

I've been hitting the gym to release stress, but it is not nearly as effective as hitting the people that cause stress...  

Lets see, lets start with the bad crap.. because that is all that's prevalent right now..

A good friend of ours committed suicide... that was the first bad thing to go wrong for the 2016 year... then a week after that, my brothers fiance had a massive stroke and died.... then my mother-in-law got married (that situation is a post all in itself), Maggie had her baby, and the vet came out, checked the baby.. said everything was ok... found the baby dead the next morning in the stall...
Did an autopsy and found out he had a blood clot.. this situation has done me in... I don't want to breed horses anymore on the scale we were breeding... my heart is pretty damn broken over this baby.... and I feel pretty numb...
I need to be excited about AQHA worlds that is coming up.. and I'm purchasing a new house to move my practice to.. I got a new saddle, spring may actually come sometime soon..
we've been through two floods, rain and mud for months... i'm ready for hard ground and to be complaining that it's hot..

i'm just in a rut.. and I'll get out of it...
maybe things won't go askew tomorrow and I'll close on this house and this will be the turning point of change.... all the bad shit is gone and 2016 is going to be some off the charts great year...

I'll stop my complaining and I'll get to some pictures.. and end it off with pictures from Italy...
and most days I close my eyes and wish I was in the land of pasta, cheese and nero d'avola....

Our Stallion and I at Eastern championships

Maggie and her baby 
Lucy and I at Easterns

Cocaine and I

Maya is Completely blind, but her Diabetes is under control

Halloween Costume

Marine corps ball 
I do have a love affair with nutella

Zeus loves me

Mud everywhere all the time

We won Most original Chili at the town's chili cookoff

Now for Italy Pictures.... Which make me happy :)

Rome.. the Coliseum

Date night in Sicilia with my peoples

Streets of Palermo

mt. vesuvius in Pompeii

Leaning Tower of Pisa

Date night in Roma

Planeta Winery, Sicily

Wine Tasting on my Birthday in Sicily

oh look more vino... me in Pisa

Rome Breakfast


The airport in Sicily

Me and a water fountain in Sicily