Halloween shenanigans.

Brain mold
If you know me.. You know I LOOOOOOVE I mean Freaking LOVE halloween.. I feel like it is the last good holiday of the year.  The last holiday to stay true to what it is.  Thanksgiving has changed, it's turned into fights over what time what family wants to eat and who is making what dish, and last minute bovine manure details...  No one remembers why we are having thanksgiving dinner, just that everyone needs to dress up real nice and small talk.  Christmas.. No one is into the true meaning of christmas.. it's all who bought the most expensive gift for who, and buying gifts to people you talk to once a year (at Christmas).  It is just ridiculous.   So that is a short version of the next two holidays coming up *rolls eyes*.
But, back to a happy subject.. death.. plagues and halloween!!!!!

I acquired a Mold of a Brain a few years back, and It is a Halloween tradition that I usually make an edible brain that has a tendency gross most people out! I love it.
This year our Halloween party was on the 28th (This past Saturday) and I went a little overboard on some decorating ideas and party favors..  I was on call at the hospital that morning, and I was in the middle of an autopsy listening to another case that was a suspected homicide..... and a big lightbulb went off in my brain.. I was going to re-create a homicide scene in the bar, this was brilliant.. and I couldn't wait to get home. I finished up at the morgue and purt-near (that's redneck for damn near) ran to my vehicle and drove to the dreaded wal-mart.... I saw some people I knew in there and we talked of costumes and food... and I bought fake eyelashes some porcelain makeup and some nailpolish and vampire blood..... yes, I said vampire blood.  No, it's not what you think.. I wasn't going to be a vampire..... I needed the blood.. 😁
I got home without a speeding ticket and managed to put the finishing touches on the decorations outside the bar....

Ran in the house to make the brain, because technically I should have made it the night before the party.. so it would set.. but, I made quick work of it. 
Got that setting in the fridge.. and off to the bar I went complete with my chalk, vampire blood and spent .223 casings.. hahah  This is what I came up with..

we had such a wonderful party...  We had a bunch of dips and crackers and chips and bat wings and venison stew..  lots of idiot oil was drank... probably enough to drown a small village!!  But,  Most of all the costumes were great!
Gemma, was in full festive spirits

I was loving being dressed like Morticia

Elena and I pulled off the Addams Family women well!

Snack table

Dip if you dare!


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