Liquid Xanex Anyone???

So,  Dealing with the public on a daily basis gets trying on your nerves.. and sometimes when the stars are aligned and the moon is at its perfect phase.. the crazies come out.. and you know what I mean.. The days where you think to yourself.. the weatherman didn't talk about the crapstorm of crazy that was going to descend on us today...
Anyone that works in healthcare knows what I mean...  And I can tell those days by what I see in the Morgue.. and then what happens when I go to my office... The office is where I take the brunt of it..
And you can only blame the lunar calendar for so much... just saying.. well those days are when I like to take what I call  "Liquid Xanex".  I use a lot of herbs on a daily basis.. and some days the Kava don't cut the mood... So I go in for the oils, those are about immediate relief. 
In fact I am going for the hippie trifecta today, I burned nag champa in the house to do some yoga and relax.. then here in my office I am diffusing a mixture of Patchouli and Lavender.   Don't judge.. you know you secretly love the burnt leaf smell of patchouli and the memories it brings back...
But, without further ado here is the recipe for Liquid Xanex.
I have used this quite a few times today..

I mix this all equal parts, and I don't use a carrier oil on this one.. this is something you need straight up.. 

Vetiver is normally a anti-inflammatory oil, but It also has relaxant properties.
Lavender-  The fragrant influence of Lavender is calming and relaxing, also balancing.
Stress Away - Need I say more.. the name explains itself..  sometimes I need an IV drip of this
Joy - is like it sounds as well, it's supposed to bring joy to the heart, soul and mind.
Valor II - is also aromatic for uplifting the soul. (this is an all around good, good, good oil)

I usually rub it on my palms then I can just sniff at any given moment... or sometimes I even look like Mary from the superstar skit on saturday night live....

I use oils everyday so much so that when we get a body in the morgue that is decomposing, I usually rub Thieves and peppermint under my nose, then add a few drops into my mask...  it helps with the tang aroma plus, I got this thing against airborne pathogens (lol) and Thieves quiets my brain...
Thieves is amazing, it is a blend of highly anti-viral, antiseptic, antibacterial and anti-infectious oils ever.  I even have Thieves toothpaste.. Seriously....  If I start to get sick, I will diffuse Thieves or put it straight under my nose.  I forgot to explain that Thieves is a  HOT oil and it does burn directly on the skin... It is good stuff... This whole thing just sounded like a an add..  I didn't mean it that way, but, I have been rolling liquid xanex and decided to enlighten y'all about it...


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