Love makes the world go round?

Love makes the world go round? Not at all. Whisky makes it go round twice as fast!!!
Me at the Royal McGregor in Edinborough.
drinking scotch :)
The cooler mornings and nights and the semi dreary weather makes me miss Scotland. I really do believe I left part of my heart there.  I tend to move into sippin' whisky around this time of year. This picture of me is after my 3rd flight of whisky, I believe I was on the Island hopper and currently tasting the sweet slam of the isle of Skye in a whisky called Talisker.  This is probably my favorite one out of all of them I tried in Scotland. Apparently I really dig the Peaty Punch and smokey flavour of the Isle of Sky Scotch...
So much so, fast forward about 6 months and back in June I was at my big continuing education seminar (as I didn't learn enough in all those years of school) getting my CEUs for the state.  I partook in a scotch tasting that went from The Highlands, The Lowlands, The Isle of Islay, and Campbeltown. And behold what was on the menu??  None other than Talisker...  I was so excited! but, no one else liked it.. and I drank everyone at the table's tastings because they all poured it into my glass... then they were having an auction and I usually never buy into this crap because if it wasn't for bad luck, sometimes I'd have no luck at all.. but, There was a bottle of Talisker up there staring at me... calling my name even.... I was thinking all throughout the tasting.. and as I sipped I decided to slip money out of my purse and buy 40 dollars worth of tickets...  I mean, It seemed logical... 79.99 at the liquor store.. plus probably 5 dollars in fuel to get to the city and then the aggravation of the peoples in the store... I figured 40 dollars would be a good investment.. and low and behold... they called my number... man I felt like I had just won a beauty pageant.. I walked up to the stage all slowly smiling and waving.. thanking everyone.. haha...   So, It takes me a while to go through a bottle of scotch.. I usually drink Dalmore as my "table scotch".  The other night I wound up sitting by the fire and sipping on some talisker with whisky rocks in a yeti like cup.. nothing says redneck quite like drinking fine scotch out of a polar ice yeti knock off.. haah

Over time, I'm going to try to catch on memories from my silent treatment there for the past couple of years...  So as something reminds me... I'll reminisce.. Ciao Y'all


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