have you ever heard of these?  I hadn't either.. until the other day..
So you have some of the oddest conversations over an autopsy, and this particular conversation I had on Thursday was about food.. Imagine that... but, the instapot was the topic of the conversation.. and I learned of all the wonderful things it could do.. and I was hooked.. I figured, it can replace my yogurt incubator and the rice cooker... that takes two appliances out of my kitchen...  So pretty much as soon as I could, I started some research on pinterest of course.. and then decided on buying one.. So I ordered this gem off of Amazon :)
It was delivered Saturday, and I set it up today. I have not used it yet.. but, I am excited.
It even will cook dried beans that you have NOT soaked overnight in like 40 minutes or less....
Shut the front door.....
Well this weekend was a good one. Last night we drove down to Georgia and celebrated a good friend of mine's 40th birthday.  Her husband planned her a surprise party and it was small and quaint and had great bbq. We made it home about 1am, I may or may not have been driving about 10-15 mph over the speed limit.. I was tiiiiiired by the time we left.  The party started at 4:30, and they only live about 2 hrs and 30minutes from us. And I may have made it home in 2 hours flat.
I also took Zeus to the vet first thing Saturday morning, he has a fatty tumor on his axilla and The vet wants to remove it, since it is in a bad spot. It is literally in his armpit. Zeus has also been starting to slow down a lot, So I wanted to get him some NSAIDs to help him on these colder mornings/evenings. So we did blood work and did his pre-op stuff, He goes in Wednesday and depending on how awake he is, he will either come home or stay the night.  Poor baby, After the blood they drew and the poking and prodding I decided to take him for bojangles for a cajun filet biscuit.  So I rolled up through the drive thru and thought to myself "zeus weight 136 lbs he needs two of those biscuits", so I got him two and we headed back to the ranch.   The vet also gave me some homeopathy stuff that is great for horses and works well in dogs with the beginning of joint/arthritis issues. 
This picture is Zeus right now, my doberdork loves me and I love him. I hate to see him go through anything, he had such a hard life as a puppy until I got him at 11months, my poor rescue puppy family, they all have their own stories.. Zeus's story is pretty bad, complete with really skinny when we got him because the people said they didn't know he would eat that much when they got him.   And ending with his ears were taped up with tape and they tried to crop his ears themselves.  I never would have thought that, but the vet when I got him told me it was a homemade job.  I remember when he first came to live with us, for the first 3 days he would run into the bed room, put his nose to mine and blow in my face and wake me up, almost EVERY hour. I was so glad when that stopped.  The first night he got to the house he was sitting there on the floor staring at us trying not to fall asleep, and he would doze off, then freak out when he woke up. It was the weirdest thing. but, he settled right in now.  As of lately, he likes to sleep on top of my legs so when I wake up in the morning I freak out momentarily because I can't move and think I'm paralyzed.. haha. 
All my furbabies have a story, except Trigger and Gemma.  Rollo and his seizures and his hydroencephalitis as a puppy..  Maya had no story, except she was that doggie in the window haha.  I went out looking for a dog that was as close to a doberman as I could get while I was living in a condo in med school.   And I found Maya..... Now here we are 14 years later she's got Diabetes, Liver problems and she is blind.   What a family we all our, but we have love!
Back to the grind tomorrow... Ciao Y'all!


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