This week in review and meal prepping today..

Missy and her new baby!
First and foremost, the First baby has hit the ground. And what a cute little girl it is!! This is a Poco Bueno mare I call Missy.  She had her baby from 9am-12pm on Friday.. which are the hours at which I am at work.  I checked her about 7:30 and she was eating hay.  I came home from work to meet a friend to help me move my new old washer and dryer in the house (I'll tell you about that later). I was driving down the road and saw buzzards flying high over the pasture.. oh how I hate those things... So I saw them flying way up above the pasture where the barn that I had put Missy at.   So I went walking up there real slow, because I get nervous when mares have babies.... I didn't see Missy anywhere... I topped the hill and what did I see?  A wee baby staring at me!  At least she was born before the rain storm we have had today moved in.
I settled them into the barn today, opened the roll up door to one of the stalls, set them up with all the hay mama could need and gave her a big scoop of feed.

Saturday, I decided it was a good idea to go to a dance to fit class.... all I can say is, I cannot dance without liquid encouragement and who the hell thinks it's a good idea to dance for an hour?  Apparently I did.. and I really did enjoy it;  I will go back.  My applewatch told me I burned 484 calories while I was trying to shake what my mama gave me! hahaha.  So that was that.

 When I got home, I had some farm help lined up and we put in t-posts and cleared out some old fencing, and devised a plan to get all the fence done this week...  I also checked the mares and figured it's time to round some of them up, so they can have their babies in peace. 
working with the bobcat

I also decided since it was actually nice outside I was going to take advantage of the day and get in some bow practice.   I had fun doing that, but my arms didn't hold up.  Must have been the arm workout we did before the dance party class.

This is my first bow.. I really like it.

After the day was done, I had burned 1008 calories.. and I decided I needed a cheeseburger.  So we all ran down to the local and I do mean local rural restaurant and got a big ole cheeseburger and buddy fries.  It doesn't hurt to have a no strings attached bad meal every once in a while to boost your spirits.  Today, I was on call yet I had no cases so I did not have to go in. I turned my alarm off and slept in until about 7:30.  Holy crap.  Elena and I went grocery shopping today and started doing some meal prep, We made Pumpkin Protein Muffins and Turkey Stuffed Bell Peppers.  Tomorrow I'll make a huge batch of hummus for the week.

Tonight Elena and I decided we wanted Pizza... and since there is no good pizza to be had around here, we decided to make our own, So I grilled up some Eggplant and we made personal pizza's!
And now here I am sitting on the couch writing here watching the golden girls on hulu and snuggled up with my puppies. Zeus is doing really well,  he gets his stitches out on Friday, he had his drain tube taken out on Wednesday.  He is completely milking the extra attention.  Rollo had another seizure Saturday morning, It wasn't bad.  But, the poor boy was so confused after it happened, I was just holding him tell him it was ok.   He recognized me but when he got up it appeared he didn't have any idea where he was.  he walked around all the rooms and saw me and got excited.  So I showed him how to get out the doggie door.. and he came back in normal as anything.  He is resting snoring up a storm on the ottoman.  Maya is cuddled up under my blanket with me, Kota is sprawled out in her bed and Gemma is on the back of the couch snoring.
Oh The washing machine... I have had it with energy efficiency crap.   I have replaced my washer every 3 years now, something stupid breaks and I'm not paying 500+ dollars for a new one, So I set out on a quest to find a pre-energy saving, non agitator automatically sensing piece of crap.   And I found it.  My clothes haven't been this clean since I left my condo in Atlanta!  and the dryer...Ohhhh man, it dries stuff in 60 minutes.. instead of 120.  I'm pleased a pie with my 1990s washer and dryer I purchased. If something breaks, I can still have it repaired. Speaking of that, I need to put my last load of clothes in the dryer get me a blood orange and watch some more golden girls, before I got to bed.  I also started a new book.  Angels and Demons.. Everyone says it is really good, and so far.. I really like it.


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