The rain is here

Kota and Rollo curled up on the couch 
Gemma don't care

Nothing much to do when it rains for weeks straight. I'm not sure about the groundhogs prediction this year.  the little rodent stated that we had 6 more weeks of winter; yet it has been raining and in the high 50s for the past week.  And this week brings more rain and warm weather.  YAY FOR MUD!!!!!!

Last night was a protein bar making spree.
I am contemplating the fact that processed foods suck, and I eat a lot of kirkland brand protein bars on the go, so I turned the the trusty old pinterest and put together a compilation of some protein bars..

So For this week, These are on the menu:
Mocha Brownie Protein Bars
5 Ingredient Paleo Peanut Butter Bites/Bars

I can't wait to try them, The Paleo Ones look great, But I am apprehensive on the Mocha Brownie ones, I wound up having to put them in the freezer because they are not setting up, but they also had said to use egg protein powder.. and I only have whey protein powder.  So I wound up putting 1 extra scoop of whey protein and only 2/3rds of the coffee...  But, the batter tasted phenomenal so I can't wait to try that.

This weekend I can finally relax.. it's been 5 weekends straight of on call, But, I have a feeling this is going to be another rough week.  We are loosing a family member to a Grade IV astrocytoma and hospice said it is any day now.

And speaking of cancer related issues, I had a broodmare that a vet had through had cancer on her face, we took x-rays of that, and found out she has a tumor, so as soon as she has her baby we can take it off.. Thank God it's not cancer. And apparently they found a cure for cancer..  I wonder about that though, because the last time holistic doctors were coming close people started dying.   I did have a friend have breast cancer recently, and she opted not for radiation and chemo...  she instead, went completely vegan and on a lot of natural supplements, including mushrooms and CBD oil.
I cannot say I blame her.   I see a lot of death in my line of work and I see people give up the fight due to quality of life.   If I was faced with these decisions, I would not undergo those treatments, I believe I would use tinctures and cbd oils to have a better quality of life while my time was limited.. and go live out my final days where I'm happy.  and probably tell a lot of people how I really felt..
Either that, or get on my motorcycle and head for the end of the road off a cliff Thelma and Louise style.. haha  and with that.. I am off to start my work week.


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