This week coming to a close....

New Study Finds 73% Of People Who Set Fitness Goals As New Year's Resolutions Give Them Up....  we have 2 days left and we have finished a 30 day meal and workout plan.
I am proud.
I have not been making new recipes lately, due to the fact that we have been on a strict plan.  But, I have learned a lot about portions, healthy options and balanced meal plans....
Also, I am so tired, I have been on call for 3 or 4 weeks straight on the weekends, I can't remember if it is 3 weeks or 4...  but, I have been working everyday...
But, someone did recently tell me that there are a lot of people who work harder and longer hours than me!
So I really shouldn't complain.
Yesterday was the day to move mares and shuffle pastures here and there..
I had a good friend from Spartanburg come down and help me.  We got run over by some wild mares and stampeded haha but, we moved the first born baby, to her own pasture, which is out with the rest of the pregnant mares.
Then decided it was time to wean Maggie's baby off of her.
Maggie's Baby
Maggie was pretty happy to let her go! hahah but Maggie was reunited with the love of her life.. Cocaine (the stallion) you have no idea, they were so happy to see each other.
and considering the baby that they have, I can't wait to see the next one!
I also have a few mares that have never had babies before, and I'm excited to see what they are going to be.
Other than that, this week has been a LONG week. I've been thinking about school a lot lately... and I think of things I used to be so consumed with, like Biochemistry and late night studying for exams.. and sleeping 1-2 hours a night and taking all day exams..  and I saw something the other night on instagram..

 This made me laugh really hard, and I've been doing more research on head trauma and blunt force injuries.. which made me go back over some anatomy of the brain and the old school neuroanatomy books. 
This made me laugh, seeing crap that was highlighted....
I've also been reading up again a lot on immunology lately, with this deadly flu that has been going through the state.... I'm a nut, I have also been reading angels and demons...
A rolling stone gathers no moss... I am going to relax and call it a night.


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