Last weekend...

Setting up for a 300 yard shot
This weekend, we had some friends come up from Beaufort, and a friend of mine came over to ride horses, shoot some skeet and do some long range target practice.

Saturday started off with me on call.... I had 3 cases, so I was at the morgue for a bit.  Once I got home, It was ON!
We loaded up the truck with the automatic skeet thrower, shotguns, lots of shotgun shells,  AR-15s, about 600 rounds of .223 and two cases of clay pigeons...

We shot skeet for a while, then picked up the shells.. cleaned up a bit and got onto shooting the ARs...

The three of us started with seriously practicing.. starting out at the 100yard targets, then 300.. and on to the 500+yard targets.

I have this bad ass baska scope that has 75 yards, 100 yars, 175 yards and infinity settings on it..
you gotta aim about 2 feet above the 500 yard target to hit it....  I cannot make that shot offhand..
But, I can ring the gongs at 300 yards offhand..  my dad spent a lot of time with me a rifles..  I love doing that more than shooting skeet..
The three of us also dumped mags as fast as we could for the thrill of it... something about running 30 rounds or more through a gun as fast as you can for that release of happiness......

After that, we picked up the brass so my dad could re-load it.. and headed back to the house to see what the guys were up to...

They were moving firewood.. so we went for a trail ride on the horses..

We rode in the arena, for a bit, then walked around the property..
Gemma and Lucinda (not Luci)

Came back to the house, and got out some steaks.. and cooked those over the open fire..

There is nothing like steak cooked on a big open fire...
We no sooner got finished eating and we got rained out.. so we headed to the bar...
Stayed up for a while.. then Gemma Passed out and It was time to go to sleep, because I got a call and had to present myself to the hospital in the morning and not be hung over..

Gemma was so tired from the horses and eating steak.... haha

Sunday after church, I went to get goats.. that's right, I said goats...  After a big hog wire project went unfinished... it finally got finished with the help from some professionals.. 
I went to pick up my 4 new goats..


Curly.. She is my favorite

Ringo my little billy 
Frosty (he's my little buddy)

I also came home with a cow named Black Betty...  She was not intended on my list but, she was super cute, REALLY friendly and wears a halter and leads... How could you not come home with a black angus named Black Betty.

Black Betty and Me

So I loaded her up too... settled the Goats in.. then pulled the trailer around back and put her with the other cows.. she was skeptical at first.. but, then she realized she was free.. took off half trotting half cantering and then started bucking and rearing and having a good time.. and that concludes the weekend..

Fur babies staying out of the rain today.


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