Avocado, Black Bean and Corn Salad.

It has been a while since I've cooked and made recipes and I let the sweet tea page expire.. and I'm just changing everything, new life.. new place... new ways..

So, Living here in Italy is different in many many ways...  so you just adapt to cooking differently and using different products... Like black beans.. I can't find those bad boys in the can...
in fact, in my opinion, there is more stuff in glass jars than in aluminum cans....

So, I still crave things from america.. like Mexican food.. 😂So I went to fruttivendolo and ordered some stuff.. then went to three different stores and found everything that I needed...
Black beans are dried and in a bag, you just have plan ahead and soak them for like 5-12 hours and then cook them for 45 minutes after, then make whatever you wanted to make before...

And since the weather has changed.. I wanted black beans and avocados..... and of course corn chips... 
So I made this, with the ingredients I can find around here..

 Avocado, Black Bean and Corn Salad.
1 can of corn (mais)
some cherry tomatoes halved and 1/4 (pomodorini)
1 can of black beans, or fagioli neri soaked overnight and cooked for 45 minutes
1-2 Shallots finely diced (depending on size and the taste you want) (Cipolla di Scalogno)
2 avocados (this name is about the same)
Cilantro diced, I love cilantro so I will use a big handful (coriandolo)<<p.s. this is hard to come by so i planted my own)
2 limes juiced.
a big drizzle of olive oil (l'olio (olio di oliva)
House seasoning to taste..

Cut up all the veggies and place them in a bowl. squeeze the lemon juice all over, add the olive oil and house seasoning and mix it all up.  Super super simple, then eat with corn chips..


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